Our Church's Top 10 worship songs

Friday, October 01, 2010
Just recently finished creating our Church song report for CCLI. In the last year we started using EasyWorship which is a useful tool for Churches in projecting songs words and presentations. While making life easier in creating a CCLI report it also creates some stats on how many times a song has been projected. Though I'm not convinced in some of the numbers and I don't believe we've played 'Who paints the skies' nearly 35 times. I suspect the numbers reflect how many times the song has been on the list to play but may never have been projected. So not altogether that accurate but below list will give you and idea of our Top 10 sung over the last year.

1. Who paints the skies Stuart Townend
2. Who O Lord could save Matt Redman
3. Here I Am To Worship Tim Hughes
4. This is how I know what love is Al Gordon
5. Mighty To Save Ben Fielding
6. Show Your Power Kevin Prosch
7. You Are Mighty Craig Musseau
8. The God of time and eternity Simon Brading
9. Ancient Of Days Gary Sadler
10. In Christ Alone Stuart Townend

Jesus Culture

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Have been listening to some of the Jesus Culture worship music recently. Just love this song. They came to our area recently and did a live gig. Dave has a good review of it here