Why I will support England

Friday, June 11, 2010

Being Irish I've always had a strong sense of national identity. I think this really comes to light when you move away from your country of origin. You realise to a certain extent that you're ever so slightly different. Having lived in England for about 10 years that sense of identity has become less and less strong. As the years pass you tend to forget that you have a different accent, different background ,arts, TV and culture as you slowly become consumed by the culture around you.

Also as you mature as a Christian your identity becomes less and less from what you can see around you or from your history. You become part of a new Nation that crosses all barriers, a new culture identified by the fruit of the Spirit and a new leader, Jesus.

There have been a few times over the years that national pride raises its head and no more so than when football is involved. As you've probably realised (unless on another planet or in USA) that the World Cup has landed. What a footballing treat this will be. This time it will be different as I will be supporting England contrary to the Celtic nation stance of ABE (Anybody but England)

My reasons are:

  • The only British Isle team in the Tournament. Thanks to a certain French man handling a ball, the glorious Rep of Ireland never qualified
  • My Wife, Son and my unborn Daugther are and will be English
  • Helps me fight deep rooted prejudices and pride.
  • I support and always have, Liverpool, an English team. When growing up after supporting Rep Of Ireland, I would have supported England.
  • In the light of the gospel, our great commision and glorious eternal future to come, football really is not that important.

Untill the 2012 Euros, 2014 World Cup or whenever next Rep of Ireland next qualify, I will be an adopted Englishman (for football anyway)