Thursday, April 01, 2010
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Why I bought Delirious

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
As you may or may not know there is another Facebook campaign to manipulate the UK singles chart. For the Christmas No.1 we saw the over produced, bland and forgettable X-factor winner's (who's name I can't even remember and am not bothered to even google) song denied the coveted No.1 spot by a cracking song from one of my favourite bands, Rage against the Machine.

Now we have our very own Delirious heading up the charts as we speak with their classic, History Maker. This popularity thanks to 'Christian music topping the UK Charts' Facebook campaign. At the outset I must admit that I've purchased that very song tonight. As I write it is standing at No.4 on the ITunes. Thanks to Andy's inspiration, I have the urge to comment.

I really don't think musically Delirious deserve much recognition. Call me a musical snob but they are nothing new or interesting. They're not at the cutting edge of music nor pushing new boundaries. Like 90% of the chart music, I hear you cry.

Don't get me wrong, they've some great lyrics and nice tunes but they'll never be the next U2 or Rolling stones, that people can label them classic. Outside the UK Christian sub-culture they're as forgettable as tomato soup.

Within the Christian sub-culture they have really stirred up the Christian music scene and have played a big part in the progression worship in the last 15 years. The countless Christians (and maybe non-Christians) they have encouraged and challenged to live Christ like lives is probably numerous.

I'm not dissin' them for the sake of it. I'm so desperate to see music in the in the UK secular arena that is lyrically and musically challenging, innovative and above all Christ centred and Christ promoting. Bands that live what they sing not like some bands that have played to the US Christian market and once famous, deny Christ.

For so many years art and culture were inspired by Christianity. Look at some great painters, poets and musician over the last number of centuries. Where are the Christian bands that inspire and lead the way in the UK music scene? Why are we still playing gigs in our church halls when we should be down at the pubs?

Ok to the point, why did I buy this song when I've probably been quite harsh on Martin & Co.

- Cause I wanna see Christ promoted in the charts and it doesn't matter where it comes from.

- It's for a good cause. Proceeds are being donated to Compassionart.

End of rant!