Friday, October 22, 2010

One of the most significant times in my Christian journey was the 5 years I spent in Edinburgh studying. Most of that period I went along to a local Episcopalian (Anglican) Church. They had very much got involved the controversial 'Toronto Blessing' . Initially coming from a conservative reformed background, I was extremely cautious of it but God used it to help fall in Love Him, His Son and His Spirit in a way I had never known. My prayer life radically changed. My appetite for God's word grew virtually overnight. I was ruined for Christ.

Yes there were excesses and parts that were questionable but I believe God was using it. Like it or not it has impacted our churches. I found a blog from the Vicar of that local Episcopalian (Anglican) Church with his testimony of how it affected him and his church. The church has grown from a small sleepy suburban traditional church to one of the biggest in Scotland making a significant impact for the Gospel in it's local area and wider. Interesting reading