Lydia Hannah

Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's no doubt about it God is good. We really don't deserve anything yet God continually displays and reminds us of his utter goodness and mercy toward us.

We are so selfish, depraved creatures. Everything about us is so determined to build up self and hang onto our comfort. Without God's mercy through Jesus and being empowered by the Holy Spirit we're nothing.

These are just a couple of things the Holy Spirit has been making me aware of in the last week since the birth of our second child, Lydia Hannah. My wife and myself are so overjoyed that God has blessed us once again. In me there's a sense I'm really not worthy. In fact, I really am not worthy but for God's awesome grace lavished upon us.

A new born child really is a blessing but also demanding. Demanding times really bring to light what your character is made of. For me it reminds me how selfish and how in love with my comfort am I.