Blog statistics

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've been blogging now for nearly two years. I really haven't blogged or given as much time as I intended to due to posting being low on my list of priorities. Though it's always exciting to see the variety of different countries where people have been reading this blog from thanks to Google Analytics. The majority may have stumbled upon it by accident and quickly moved on but it's encouraging when you get the odd positive email or comment.


Since starting there's been nearly 3000 visits direct (doesn't include viewing from a reader) to my blog from people across 72 different countries. Many of these have stayed on my blog for a matter of seconds. Here's top ten breakdown of visitor numbers


1. United States                    1,273
2. United Kingdom               952   
3. Canada                            117  
4. Australia                          114   
5. Netherlands                     30  
6. South Africa                    29   
7. Germany                         27   
8. India                               24  
9. Singapore                       23 
10. Philippines                    23   

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Extreme Acoustic guitar

Sunday, April 26, 2009
Pretty impressive. Apparently they call it extreme guitar picking