Unfinished song: Because of Jesus

Saturday, April 25, 2009
When it comes to writing songs I find it easy to start them but extremely hard to complete them. I've very unprofessionally recorded several of my songs and I'll post them over the next while. All the songs are at different stages of incompleteness. Hopefully this can give you an idea of what I'm trying to do with the songs.

This song is nearly complete. I wanted a song to describe what Jesus has done, what that means and how we stand in confidence because of the gospel.

I'm standing here in the light of the cross
Humbled by God's amazing grace
I'm standing here justified
No longer needing to prove myself

Because of Jesus
I'm free

I'm standing here as a new creation
Adopted as a child of God
I'm standing here freed from curse
No more condemned or broken

I'm standing here with all I need
Equipped with heaven's resources
I'm standing here in anticipation
of the hope of the life to come
@copyright Colt35 music

Grace and the worship leader

Friday, April 24, 2009
Continuing in my thinking about grace, what does it mean to stand in grace as a worship leader?

As worship leaders knowing that we stand before God righteous because of Jesus dying on the cross:
- Frees us from the need to perform.
- Frees us from having to be the next Matt Redman
- Frees us to be who we are when leading
- Frees us from depending upon the congregation or Church Leader’s approval
- Frees us from trying to continually prove ourselves as good enough
- Frees us to view failure or musical train wrecks as a learning exercise instead of being ministry shattering
- Frees us to fail
- Frees us from trying to be perfect.
- Frees us from expecting others to be perfect and lead worship the way we want
- Frees us from being hard on ourselves for not reading the bible, praying or practising enough
- Frees us from guilt that we’re not doing enough, being more creative, taking risks etc
- Frees us from comparing ourselves to that other worship leader who leads so much better
- Frees us from worry that we’re playing the right songs for a Sunday morning


Thursday, April 23, 2009
Have been really thinking about grace lately. Part of my realisation is that I've been a bit of a legalist for the last while. Somehow since my last revelation of God's lavish grace I've lost that awareness that I'm righteous in Christ and reverted to adding my own little rules onto the gospel.

Boy can legalism drag you down. It's such a tiring pursuit. You try to prove yourself not alone to God but also to others. You start performing to an audience of many gaining some sort of peusdo salvation from their approval.

The burden that is lifted off shoulders for those that have grasped grace is immence. Terry Virgo is brilliant at communicating this great truth. Check out his 4 talks on grace. Well worth a listen.

Here's a great quote from his recent blog:

"You don’t need to live as others who have no hope; to amass wealth and put your trust in uncertain riches; to embrace short-term values and goals; to play safe and avoid danger. Grace releases you to live dangerously in the present – because you know that the one who holds world history in his hands is with you. "


Monday, April 20, 2009
A sad report on the BBC website about a woman with agoraphobic who hadn't left her house for 18 years. Fear is such a thief! I hate fear! I hate the fear in me!

Fear condemns
Fear controls
Fear traps
Fear hides
Fear rejects
Fear procrastinates
Fear hoards
Fear bullies

Christ frees!

Whatever Happened To Music Ministry?

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Is it me or does there seem to be more and more posts, articles etc like this one by Cross Rhythms journalist Mike Rimmer.