Song: Wake up my soul

Monday, September 22, 2008
This is a reasonably new song I've written inspired by a talk I heard by Terry Virgo where he describing how some mornings he needed to tell his soul to wake up from its slumber. Our soul becomes lazy and sleepy for all sorts of reasons and I've found it helpful to waken up my soul by focusing on the major truths of the Gospel and this song sprung from that. Let me know what you think.

Wake up my soul and rejoice at what the Lord has done for me
Wake up my soul and give thanks for the truth thats set me free

I choose to worship Jesus Now
though I may not feel like it
Cause feelings they blow in the wind
But God you never change

You are the mighty, sinless God
We did not deserve to live
Through the cross the debt was paid
So that we could go free.

You've made us more than conquerers
Through Jesus's blod shed for us
We don't have to fear no more
Cause God's spirit's in us

copyright Colt35 music 2008