Someone actually reads my blog

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Yes, at last my little insignificant blog has popped it's head up in the blogosphere. Even though it was used in slightly derogatory way, I'll still revel in my 5 seconds of blogfame. Dave Warnock picked up on my Wimp or Warrior post to back his position on New Frontiers and Woman. Two Blokes blog then went unto further comment on the quote in their Mark Driscoll blog

In fact my post was more a debate initiator than anything. I really wanted to ask the question, have we made God too small, small enough for us to control. Have we in our worship songs made Jesus as Mike Pilivachi put it like our girlfriend, our self help guru. Have we lost the majesty, glory and fear of a mighty awesome God for a sentimental second rate God. That's what I feel Mark was trying to get at and the way I took it.

We do need both the intimacy and the fear.

What type of Worship leader are you?

So what type of worship leader are you! Can you describe yourself as one of these?

- The Vegas Praise Worship Leader
- The Semoniser
- The Broken record
- The Lost in Space Worship Leader
- The Worship Aerobics Instructor

Paul Baloche descibes these in his webpage.