Good catch!

Friday, June 27, 2008
"The measure of God's anger against sin is the measure of the love that is prepared to forgive the sinner and to love him in spite of sin"

I came across this quote by Martyn Lloyd-Jones and it really got me thinking. To add to this I've been listening to an excellent sermon by CJ Mahaney on Holiness (See Adrian Warnock's blog).

To know God's love for us we really need to get to grips with God's wrath and his intolerance of sin. You look back at the many occasions in the Old Testament were God kills people in an instance. Look at the story Uzzah (2 Samuel 6) where in the midst of great celebrations among the 30,000 Israelites on the return of the Ark of the Covenant, Uzzah catches the Ark and saves it from falling on the ground. God without hesitation strikes him dead. My first reaction would be, come on God give the guy a break! He was trying to help out with the best intentions.

God had laid down rules and procedures on how his people had to worship and indeed how to deal with the Ark. Uzzah stepped outside of those rules and his action implied that God, the God who created the very ground the Ark would have fallen on, needed a helping hand.

We live in a culture that is comfortable with sin, revels in it, creates new layers of sin upon sin and that's just the Christians. For a seemingly small indiscretion by Uzzah, God killed him. Going by that logic we should have been goners a long time ago.

So the question shouldn't really be why did God kill Uzzah but why are we still alive?
Not why is the world so evil but why I am still alive?
Not why is my job so boring but why I am still alive?
Not why am I feeling a bit low today but why I am still alive?

Why am I still alive? God's love displayed through the Cross of Jesus.

Puts a different perspective on your day, does it not?