Goodbye 2007, hello 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
The New year (well 16 days into it) is always a great time to reflect back. I was just starting to feel comfortable with 2007 and then 2008 happened. It's so true that time does move quicker the older you gets, probably due the general busyness of life.

Anyway to the point, 2007 worship leading wise was definitely a growing year. I think the shear number of Sundays I led worship meant I gained more confidence in my leading skills. I'm convinced that all round I'm a better worship leader than I was 12 months ago. Some may disagree but practise does make nearly perfect.

Also I believe there has been an expectancy growth spurt within our Church and this has really helped Sunday Morning worship times. The growing number of people each Sunday also encourages worship. Just a few Sundays ago we did a somes verses of a song acapella which sounded awesome from up the front.

Though I've noticed as life has got busier certain things have slipped in 2007. It has become so easy just to slip into 'doing' mode and ignore relating to God and people. Ministry can so easily become legalistic in terms of ministry driving your relationship with God instead of this relationship driving your ministry. Let me give you an example of what I've slipped into recently. I've been challenged by a series of talks from our pastor (download here) which has prompted questions within me. When was the last time I picked up my guitar to Worship for the sake of worship and not just to practise for leading on Sunday. When was the last time I enjoyed God's presence on my own or on a Sunday morning? When was the last time I spent time with God just for the sake of it and not prayer initiated by what I had to do? 2008 will be an even more hectic year as my lovely wife will by giving birth to our first child in the next few weeks.

For a month or so we'll be having a sabbatical to get acquainted with family life so I'm looking forward to laying down the guitar for a few weeks so I can realign my focus upwards (in between feeds and nappies).

Hopefully this year also I'm aiming to develop my musically weak areas by trying a few singing lessons. Maybe jumping out of the boat and doing a few extra curricular activities like open mic nights. I'm a real advocate of musicians releasing their musical frustration and just playing together for the sake of it. Hopefully I'll be trying a bit of that.

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