Do hard things!!

Friday, January 11, 2008
Found a great website that struck me, probably because it's something God has really been teaching me in 2007. The site, 'The Rebelution', their logo, 'Do hard things'. The whole concept is rebellion against comfortable easy lives and unwillingness for young adults and teenagers to do costly and hard things.

This got me thinking (after thinking about everyone else who should take heed) that I love to take the easy way out of life. Fear of failure, people and feeling out of control has kept me in my childish ways probably 10 years longer than I should have.

Look at the Bible and see what happened when people took the easy way out. Adam gave in to Eve, Aaron listened to the moans of the Israelites, David decided not to go with his soldiers into battle and then slept with Bathsheba . On the other hand look at Jesus, His life was full of 'hard things'.

In our 'X-factor' generation we want to get out of work, hardship, sacrifice and replace it with life wrapped up in hedonism. We want to skip the hard graft of perseverance, hide from uncertainty of risk and run away from the shame of failure. In fact we're running away from the things that make us grow and mature.

In the Bible, it's the norm for a fruitful Godly character to do difficult things, take risks, walk on water and stick at something.

Worshippers do difficult things that every comfortable, risk adverse cell in our body is screaming for us not to do.

Worshippers do things that demand day in, day out sweat when we would rather opt for something new and different.

Worshippers do hard thing!