Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Found this article from an Irish Christian author called Steve Stockman. Basically he's been doing a dissertation and critique on Modern Worship. This link is to an extract of his research. Very challenging stuff! See what you think. Click here.

Check out Steve's website. Click on the logo

A tale of two Sundays

Sunday, October 14, 2007
Well its been awhile since I've blogged, no excuse really.

Just off the back of leading worship two Sundays moring services in a row and feel both were different.Emphasis on feel. The first I felt awkward, nobody seemed to be getting into it, it was dry and to be honest it dragged. I was in a very different place spiritually. I think I went into the session feeling defeated in my mind and trying to control. I read all the truths in the Bible I could find about who I am and what God has got for me to do but it just all seemed like a foreign concept. Basically I couldn't connect with the truth.

This week's worship session was very different. During a prayer meeting in the middle of the week I felt God saying to me to stop looking at me and start looking at him. I was actually wallowing in my own lack of self worth and how bad I was at everything. But if I start looking at God again, 'I' become small and so do my problems and my own little insecurities. That really set me up for the rest of the week. In preparation for Sunday I had a great time just revelling in God presence and getting recharged with the Holy Spirit.

This gave me a new imputise and excitment that I would be leading people into the Holy of Holies. Leading is operative word. We are leading people to connect with the God of Gods. We can't make them connect but can only paint a picture of a big God using our songs and words. We're leading with a God given authority. That's exciting!

It's funny how you can be blinded about something so obvious and then one day it you wake to this like it's a new revelation.

Anyway I believe God was there this morning through my leading and the contributions made by the congregation. Actually it would be interesting to see what people thought about the two times of worship, if infact there was any difference. Did people worship more and connect to God during either Sunday morning services. That would be an interesting question to ask. Maybe God used both and I'm basing it on my feelings.