More common mistakes made by Worship leaders

Monday, September 10, 2007
Following my previous post on common mistakes worship leaders make, I've had a great comment with some more mistakes to add to the list. Has anyone else got any other common mistakes that can be added to the growing list?

1. Unaware (or unaccepting) of the music style of the congregation.
2. Failing to lead the congregation in exhortation. "it's NOT just a song set!" :)
3. Unecessary or excessive exhortation, talking
4. No extra strings/or backup guitar
5. No variety! Use different song style, tempos, instrumentation
6. Slow song fatigue: Hey if you got a room full of YWAMers that's one thing, but try doing 4 slow ones in a row in a typical church and watch em drop like flies!!