Let's Go

Thursday, September 06, 2007

What a week it's been! We've just finished the biggest ever series of outreach events in our church. It was spread over four days where we saw our area leaflet dropped with invitations and outreach literature, held a football tournament, picked up litter, ran a community fair, organised a testimony evening with ex-pop star/celeb and saw commitments to Christ and people being healed on the Sunday morning service.

For me personally it was an amazing time of God's grace and favour. During the 4 days of outreach we had some amazing times of prayer and worship in the mornings. It's amazing when the Holy Spirit manifests Himself, prophecies flow, spontaneous worship erupts, people get healed and of course salvations.

I had the chance of leading in some of these times of worship and it was amazing how God uses us in our weakness and tiredness. For more info on the event see Phil's blog