Practise and holidays

Thursday, July 26, 2007
Just a few thoughts off the back of a very busy period for worship leading in the last few months. Over a 3 month period I've been leading worship in one form or another atleast 10 times. Initially I was struggling but have really found in this last few months I've gone to a new level in confidence and hopefully my worship leading. Nothing beats the hard graft to really build skill and confidence.

Before this period I had been praying for new skill levels and confidence to increase but in all honesty had expected God to give me the magic worship leading pill so that one Sunday I would turn up and become the next Tim Hughes. I know I've mentioned this before but it has really struck home over the last week. Infact it snuck up on me. So if you want to build your skill and confidence, ask your pastor to let you lead worship 4 Sundays in a row.

On another thought, well actually more a statement of fact (if anyone is interested) , I'm going on holidays in a few days for 2 weeks to my beloved Ulster. And as this is a blog, my blog and there are no rules except the ones that I make, I thought I would list my intensions for this time off which has no relevance to worship leading but makes me feel special. :)

- Spend time with my wife, family, relative and friends- Attend 2 friends' weddings (including Brian Houston as wedding band for one of them)
- Time out with God
- Walk a lot
- Drink real Guiness
- Maybe try to write songs
- Jam with my brother and wife
- Mow a lawn, cut down trees, trim a hedge
- Attend a Golf club President's day and maybe play a few holes
- Travel around and explore Donegal and maybe further afield
- sleep
- read
- eat
- Maybe blog