Ancient Future Worship

Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Recently I 've seen the term 'Ancient Future Worship' banded about. The idea of merging traditional worship into a modern context. Nothing new, I hear you say.

Through a bit of googling I discovered this term was coined by a guy called Robert Webber who was passionate about bringing back traditions like the church calender back into our worship and celebrating God's narrative.

Below is a paragraph taken from his website which gives you an idea of the whole concept. It's a Call to the Evangelical church to re-evaluate the way it does worship

On Church's Worship as Telling and Enacting God's Narrative

We call for public worship that sings, preaches and enacts God's story. We call for a renewed consideration of how God ministers to us in baptism, Eucharist, confession, the laying on of hands, marriage, healing and through the charisma of the Spirit, for these actions shape our lives and signify the meaning of the world. Thus, we call Evangelicals to turn away from forms of worship that focus on God as a mere object of the intellect or that assert the self as the source of worship. Such worship has resulted in lecture-oriented, music-driven, performance-centered and program-controlled models that do not adequately proclaim God's cosmic redemption. Therefore, we call Evangelicals to recover the historic substance of worship of Word and Table and to attend to the Christian year, which marks time according to God's saving acts.

So within modern worship have we lost what communion is about? Have we lost the narrative? Should we start using the church calender again. How can we use these within a modern worship context?