Worship in unexpected places

Friday, June 15, 2007
Stumbled across Sinead O'Connors' myspace website and have been well impressed by the her new material. Her new album 'Theology', is basically what it says on the label. Having heard a few of the songs I'm intrigued by many of the lyrics. They're tainted with worship and Old Testament style prophetic themes.

It strikes me as amazing how God stirs up worship in the most unlikely and unexpected of places. A women who over 15 years ago was tearing up pictures of the Pope causing controversy is now creating challenging worship music, outside of the 'evangelical' establishment. Have we put God in a box?

Below is lyrics from the first song 'Something Beautiful', on her new album. See what you think.

I wanna make
Something beautiful
For U and from U
To show U
To show U
I adore U
Oh U

And your journeyToward me
Which I seeAnd I see
All U push through
Mad for U
And because of U

I couldn't thank U in ten thousand years
If I cried ten thousand rivers of tears
Ah but U know the soul and
U know what makes it gold
U who give life through blood
Oh I wanna make something

So lovely for U'Cos I promised that's what I'd do for U
With the bible I stole
I know U forgave my soul
Because such was my need on a chronic Christmas Eve
And I think we're agreed that it should have been free
And U sang to me

They dress the wounds of my poor people
As though they're nothing
Saying "peace, peace"
When there's no peace

Now can a bride forget her jewels?
Or a maid her ornaments?
Yet my people forgotten me
Days without number
Days without number
And in their want
Oh in there want
And in their want
Who'll dress their wounds?
Who'll dress their wounds?

This song is called Isaiah: