And you thought a worship leader worships when they lead

Thursday, April 26, 2007
I think one of the many things God is teaching me at the moment is to walk in step with the spirit, Galatians 5:25. What does this mean?

Last night I was leading worship at our cell group and I think I got a small
taste of what leading worship instep with the spirit means. Two songs in, I was asking God why he hadn't turned up and why worship was so dry and what did He want to say to us.

I just felt the small quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit telling me to wait and that he would speak. So I argued a bit (and you thought a worship leader worships when they lead). Then I caved in and just played two chords continuously and we waited. About a minute later someone spoke up with a word which was spot on. Again I felt the Holy Spirit saying there was other things God wanted to say. This time I was less patient and asked if anyone else had a word. Someone did!

Both words led to a great discussion after the worship time had finished.

This was something of a new experience for me as I'm usually so focused on my music or lack of confidence etc. But imagine if we were continually in step with spirit. How would this affect not alone our worship times but our everyday life.