Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Is it me or does anyone else struggle with worship leading on a Sunday morning or at other church meetings. Don't get me wrong I enjoy it and I believe God has called me to do this but I feel the whole process is just one big question mark. What songs should I do? What chords should I play? Should I introduce or speak during the
worship time? Should I introduce a new song? If so, how? Why are the rest of the church not engaging with God and looking at me blankly? Why is my self confidence so low? Why are my fingers not moving quickly enough accross the fret board? Why have I just messed up the timing of that song? Does Matt Redman every ask these questions?

Am I asking too many questions? Am I trying to create a nice little worship formula?

What next?

Discovered an article by a missionary called Frank Laubach. He worked in a remote location in the Philippines and he developed the "Each One Teach One" literacy program, which has been used to teach about 60 million people to read in their own language.

One of his greatest ambitions in life was to live a life of near continuous prayer by practising thinking about God for 1 second in every minute of the day. He then went on to write a pamplet called 'The Game with Minutes'.

The following quote from his pamplet nicely sums it up .....
'We make Him our inseparable chum. We try to call Him to mind at least one second of
each minute. We do not need to forget other things nor stop our work, but we invite Him to share everything we do or say or think. Hundreds of people have experimented until they have found ways to let Him share every minute that they are awake. In fact, it is no harder to learn this new habit than to learn the touch system in typing, and in time one can win a high percentage of his minutes with as little effort as an expert needs to write a letter.'

This may all seem quite drastic and I know I'll never reach the '1 second in every minute' but it has encouraged me to pray 'What next Lord?' quite a lot more recently.