To worship or not to worship!

Thursday, July 14, 2005
Worship, what's it all about? Over the last six months I've been struggling to understand what the role of worship plays not just in church but in everyday life. I've had to take a step back and ask what am I doing on a Sunday morning when I stand up the front leading with the weekly dose of 'Redman' coloured worship songs.

It struck me one day that it's all about what I give worth to, what I give time to, what I think about, what I listen to, what I do.

When I think back to my blurry teenage days of learning to drive the car, I had no interest in cars before passing the test. Once the test was passed, the car became an object of affection. I started to give worth to the car, cleaning it, sitting in it, driving it, staring at it (even though it was probably ugliest and least eloquent creation of British engineering, Austin Maestro).

So that's what our lives are about, giving worth to the Creator God (who is the infinitely better focus for worship than any car or other earthly creation) . Worship is like the car obsession, spending time being consumed with the object of our affection, God. That's what we do on a Sunday morning. We've spent a week trying to live a life giving worth to God. On Sunday morning we come to give worth again but as a family. It's the peak of the worshipping week to refill us and refocus us back again on God to go out and live a God focused life in the coming week.

Here endeth my first post!